Alaska Roteq has the expert knowledge and experience to take care of your advanced engineered valve systems for critical control and safety applications and more. We represent the leaders : Farris, Flowserve-Valtek, Penberthy, and Mokveld.

  Farris is a pioneer, having has created many products that remain industry standards. Farris originated computer software to assist customers in the sizing and selection of valves. A recent reorganization of manufacturing plants and processes maximized production effectiveness to position the business unit at the forefront of the industry, with service and delivery second to none.
  Reliability, long life, parts interchangeability, ease of maintenance and prompt delivery. Valtek products combine all these essential ingredients to produce the finest line of automatic control valves in the market today.
  Since 1886, Penberthy has been an innovative manufacturer of high-quality products for companies in the process industry. Penberthy has a reputation as a provider of superior products at competitive prices. Penberthy's mission is to constantly strive for excellence in product quality, customer service, engineering innovation and on-time deliveries. 
  For years, Mokveld had provided the gas and oil industry with expert knowledge and highly advanced engineered valve systems for critical control and safety applications.



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